Boo Hooray Semina

On a recent trip to the Special Collection Library at Buffalo, I spent some time with Wallace Berman's legendary Semina.  I do not want to get all luddite and pontificate about the splendors of the material object but then again I do.  It is something special to handle Semina.  But Semina like unicorns and rainbows is tough to get a hold of.  So let me recommend Boo Hooray Gallery's reprint.  See here.  It just might be the next best thing.

I ordered the limited edition just about as soon as I heard about it and maybe a week later I got an email from Boo Hooray stating that the edition was not complete.  An item from Issue Eight was undocumented.  Now I am sure some people would be upset about this but I thought it was perfect.  Semina is one of the most documented and institutionalized magazines of the entire Mimeo Revolution.  It is one of the defining magazines of the entire movement, but even so it remains largely mysterious.  It still remains elusive and fugitive.  You cannot pin it down.  As it should be.  The Mimeo Revolution is the Wild West of the post-WWII literary scene.  Many of the writers who appeared within it have been accepted by the academy and documented in academic journals but for the most part their participation in the mimeo scene is largely unaccounted for.  The mimeo scene is uncharted territory.  The Boo Hooray mix-up with Semina proves this to be the case.

Order the Boo Hooray Semina.  The Semina Culture exhibition book has become a collectors item, selling for around $300.  The Portents Semina is far more than that.  Given that the Boo Hooray Semina has various inserts and now even some late additions, expect it to follow suit.

But Boo Hooray's Semina is not an investment.  Like all mimeo publications it is an experience.  Are you experienced?



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