William Wantling: Academic Poet

Quartet was the house band for Purdue University.  Lawrence Welk to be sure.  This particular issue features a puff piece review on an essay collection by William Jonanovich, which documents "the experiences, aspirations, and recommendations of a major American publisher."  Such genuflection to corporate publishing is exactly what separates the small or little magazine from the Mimeo Revolution.  The little mag views itself as a minor leagues to the major publishers.  The Mimeo Revolution writers took the ball and played amongst themselves.  What drives a writer to play organized ball?

William Wantling, a prized son of the Mimeo Revolution, felt compelled to play the game and stands alongside Jonanovich in this issue of Quartet with two poems, The Pain and The Visit.  Say it ain't so, Bill.  Is this the same as betting in baseball?  Do such appearances ban Wantling from the Mimeo Hall of Fame?  And what do we make of Wantling's academic career?  Bukowski seemed to think Wantling was cheating his talent.  By appearing in Quartet, Wantling is clearly hedging his bets.  Maybe Harcourt Brace would grace him with a hard cover collection.  Sure, that would pay the bills, but such books are bankrupt.  You are only as good as your word.  And those words are most valuable when they are DIY or free.  Down, Off and Out published by Blazek's Mimeo Press, now, that is money. 




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