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I picked this book up at the PS 1 Book Art Fair last weekend and I just finished reading it.  Two thumbs up from me, if that means anything.  Ludovico is involved with a magazine out of Italy called Neural, which I know nothing about.  Based on Post-Digital Print:  The Mutation of Publishing since 1894, I will try and rectify that.  I initially bought the book because I thought the book would have some information on the Mimeo Revolution, but the real interest of the book for me were the chapters on archiving, particularly the section on "Distributed Archives, The Peer-to-Peer Archive Model," of which Mimeo Mimeo and would make good case studies.  Ludovico analyzes several  types of networked print and charts the past, present and future mutations of digital and traditional print.  Besides the sections on archiving, I was drawn to Ludovico's thoughts on scrapbooking, the magazine as network node, the mimeograph, and the underground press.  This is just cherrypicking as the entire book is interesting and relevant to anybody who reads the Mimeo Mimeo Blog.

Now I am a giver so I paid $25 for the hard copy edition from the guys at Onomatopee.  In fact, I got the last copy they had and when I tried to buy another copy that told me I had to order and raised the price to $35.  I did not get too upset about it because the book is available for free if you Look around for it.  That said it is definitely worth buying.  This book will become a valuable resource for sure.



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