This Is the Shit I Am Talking About

You are sitting on the computer idly looking through Abebooks enjoying your morning coffee listening for a loon or two and then somebody goes and poops in your cup of joe.  Here is an image of what is listed as "Kauri 6."  I put it in quotes because it is definitely not Kauri 6.  Or is it?  The words "New Kauri 6" are there in the upper right corner, but there is a touch of embarrassment about it.  It is not out and proud that is for sure.  It is awkward, this New Kauri business.

There will not be a New Mimeo Mimeo after years of inactivity when Kyle and I get the band back together for a totally unnecessary reunion tour that everybody is ashamed to go see but will anyway out of an obligation for the good old days.  No, Kyle and I will start up the same old magazine with a new name like Retro Mimeo or Mimeo Re-Tread or Zombie Mimeo.  Look out for it 15 or 20 years from now, unless Kyle and I are one of the unfortunates out there like Marvin Malone or the Rolling Stones who never quite know when to stop but persistently argue that the last issue or that last album was the best they have ever done despite the fact that the audience stopped reading or listening to anything new you have done years and years ago.  Heaven forbid we just fade away gracefully like the ink on a poorly printed mag that has been put out on a coffee table in a bright, sun filled room in an old folks home.



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