There is no C Press in the game of Bingo

Here is Dick Gallup's Bingo published by Mother Press (NY).  The Mother Magazine (NY) was banged out by a gang of editors that included at various times, David Moberg, Jeff Giles, Peter Schjeldahl, and Lewis MacAdams and others, according to Secret Location.  The publications of Mother Press (NY) were edited by Schjeldahl, MacAdams and those mysterious others.  Who might they be?  Bits and pieces of Bingo were printed in C:  A Journal of Poetry and Kulchur.  Berrigan, Padgett or Hornick would be a few of the usual suspects for that "others".

I wonder why Bingo was issued by Mother Press.  C and Kulchur both had presses associated with the magazine.  The Joe Brainard cover gives Bingo that C and Kulchur look, but for whatever reason C and Kulchur passed on the opportunity.  Or maybe they threw Mother (NY) a bone to play with and get into the chapbook game.

Again this is another instance of the history of a little magazine comprising of more that just the magazine format.  No doubt a network of connections between C, Kulchur and Mother (NY) magazine could be narrated through the back story of the publication of Gallup's Bingo.

If anybody want to throw me a bone on some info or leads, I would appreciate it.



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