The Complete Oannes Press Whether You Realize It Or Not

I knew that Ebbe Borregaard's Oannes Press only published two titles, Helen and Pat Adam's San Francisco's Burning and James Alexander's Eturnature.  I was unaware that more limited edition titles were planned.  The back cover of San Francisco's Burning lists the entire projected series:

San Francisco's Burning - Helen and Pat Adam
James Alexander - Eternatur (it was eventually published as Eturnature)
This Here Other World - Jess Collins
A Book of Resemblances - Robert Duncan
Joe Dunn - The Dream House
Music for San Francisco's Burning - Helen Adam

These editions were published in standard mimeo revolution numbers.  For example I have No. 412 of 500 of San Francisco's Burning, but it appears Oannes Press stopped operating after the first two titles.  As far as I know, This Here Other World was never issued.  The typescript is located in Jess's papers at the Bancroft with a date of 1968 on it, but the idea for that project clearly existed earlier.  Duncan's A Book of Resemblances had its own troubles getting printed.  Oannes Press dropped it as did Auerhahn Press (read the bibliography for some of the story there).  The book was eventually published by Henry Wenning out of New Haven in 1966.  Washington University has some great archival material on this project:

White Rabbit Press published Joe Dunn's The Better Dream House with illustrations by Jess in 1968.  The full score for San Francisco's Burning was not published until 1985 in a complete edition by Hanging Loose out of Brooklyn.

Unrealized projects are standard operating procedure in the Mimeo Revolution.  The two realized Oannes Press title are miraculous and it is something of a miracle they were even published from what I can gather from the even more scarce information surrounding what was in essence a fleeting blip on the mimeo scene.



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