Marketing Blitz

"Scarce, with OCLC showing only two institutional holdings."  So touts a rare book dealer in marketing Blitz, a mimeo mag out of La Grande, Oregon from 1964-1966, edited by Mel Buffington and Bobby Watson.  I am not going to lie, information on Blitz is scarce.  According to Christopher Harter's Index, there were three  issues.  From what I can gather the magazine initiated out of a university campus like so many mimeos of the period.  In this case, the campus in question is Eastern Oregon University.

I have been collecting for over 20 years and I must admit that bookseller references to the OCLC always confuse me.  What does the above reference to two institutional holdings mean?  It does not refer to Blitz #1 or #2 as those issues are in multiple institutions. It must mean the complete run.  The University of Colorado - Boulder and University of Wisconsin - Madison have the run.  Most other institutions do not even acknowledge the existence of Blitz #3.  Strangely, Utah State has just Blitz #3, in its Charles Potts Collection.

Blitz #1 and #2 have Bukowski appearances so they will never be impossible to obtain.  By 1964-1965, Bukowski was already collectible, so I am sure issues are sitting around in personal libraries, to say nothing of the almost 20 institutions that have Blitz #1 and/or Blitz #2.  Furthermore, Allen Ginsberg and da levy appear in Blitz #2.  Again two highly collectible poets.  Collectors and institutions were following Ginberg's every move by 1965.

Clearly Blitz #3 is the "scarce" issue, with a possible shift in editorship as Jan Kepley becomes involved.  If a complete run is in only two institutional holdings, then say so.  Do not imply that Blitz #1 and Blitz #2 are completely off the radar of institutions and collectors.  True rarity is a truly rare thing.  As it should be.



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