"mag? what?": Douglas Blazek on Bulletin From Nothing

Charlie Plymell designed the cover to OLE #7:  The Godzilla Review Issue, so Blazek should have had some idea what he was getting into when he received the Plymell printed issues of Bulletin From Nothing by Beach and Pelieu.  Yet Blaz was completely befuddled . . . and delighted.  As for the question of "mags? what?", Gwen Allen has safely categorized Bulletin From Nothing as an artist magazine in an effort to safely harness the Bulletin’s frenzied energy into the all-consuming, always running gallery and museum market.  Not to worry, the Bulletin has been stuffed and mounted and is now over $300 an issue.  As for Blazek’s plea for a reprint, step right into the Studio and take a peek.  The men and women are still ALL NUDE:  http://realitystudio.org/bibliographic-bunker/bulletin-from-nothing/

From OLE #7
BULLETIN FROM NOTHING #1    $1.50                     all frm:  Beach Texts &
BULLETIN FROM NOTHING #2    $1.00                     Documents / c/o City Lights
LIFE BEGINS WITH LOVE                                98 cents               Books / S.F.

frm reading these 3 bks (mags? what?) i am convinced that they originated the word “turn on” -- the electric mattress that played ‘toot’ to the cockroache’s red laugh!!  if these are not available anymore i hope to hell that somebody reprints them because they are invaluable, esp for the collages -- all of the fantastic -- galactic embraces with Creative Mammoths – a Batman’s “POW is an aborted double bubble bubble compared to these mag!  they are TURN-ON – they possess secret wires that connect in electrical hard-on ecstasy to yr skull the instant you slip a copy in yr hands.  there is a chick who has a G.I. Joe bayonet for a cock & 2 grenades for balls.  there are the 2 musclel men fags one saying:  “Back off, sir!  You can’t approach this ship” & the other replying:  “I’m the test pilot, airman!  And don’t fire that thing at me again!”  neither of them have pulled up their jockey shorts yet.  there is the collage of a hunk of steak looking like sea shore boulders & in the center, on the sand, emerging frm a shell or clam or an inner tube are a nude man & a nude woman.  the meat has a butcher’s knife stuck in it.  these 3 mags (books? what?) are guaranteed to make you slam doors, throw light bulbs at yr postman, tie a pink bikini on yr Beagle -- they are guaranteed to make you see black acrobat spiders mazing thru the yellow veins of the Sun’s Bat Drool!  they are guaranteed to make you buy a shot gun loaded w/LSD & shoot Jonathan Swift as he walks between the crack in the sidewalks & unscrews air caps on 1928 Rolls Royce Limousines.  they are guaranteed to . . . HELL!  do I have to go thru all this fantasy just to avoid using the word “GREAT”?! 



Yannick Bouillis said...

Hello, may i ask if norman ogue mustill is still alive ? I am working on his collages but dont find so much infos on him
Thanks for help

Jed said...

Get in contact with Jan Herman. You should be able to find his contact info online. Jan is in touch with Mustill who is generally not a public person. Jan has tons of info on Mustill. He should be a good resource for you.

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