Blazek on Goodell

Larry, thanks for tuning in.  I made a note to possibly include Blazek's review of Cycles.  Here it is.  A great example of Blazek's critical form and style.  His editorials are excellent.

Cycles by Larry Goodell / Duende / Placitas, N.M. price?

Somewhere in his first poem Goodell sys while listening to a Tristano side that "he isn't hung up in the skill."  i wonder.  abt Tristano as well as Goodell - -  but since i'm not interested in Lennie at the moment let this pertain to Larry.

the mind only puts out so much energy.  doesn't make any difference if it puts out more than we can handle, more than what we know abt -- or less.  we have to work w/what it puts out; the best it can do depends on what & how much we put into it.

skill can be a condom to digging.  poets seem so hung-up on skill & if you ask em about it they say something to the effect that they have to -- that's what poetry is abt.  or if they don't use the word poetry they will use the word "art" -- & if they don't like the word skill they will supplement it with some approximation.

in Goodell's case i wd say that skill is a condom w/a pin hole in it.  also i wd say that this bk is a good feedbag for the mind.



larry goodell said...

eternally grateful that my book conjured up the image of "a condom w/a pin hole in it." thanks for posting!

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