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46. DONATELLO. New York, NY: Third Floor Apartment Press, 2011. 5¼x5¼" 28 pages. (P)

Laserjet, handsewn paperback with illustrated endpapers. Covers handpainted and stamped by the publisher. Designed and printed by Sarah Anne Wallen in an edition of 26 copies lettered A–Z and signed by the author. This is copy “K of 26” signed by the author in pencil below colophon.

“Another long poem written in numbered sections. I still feel this over-used form has some possibilities—that you can structure diverse elements in a new way while using this form. Maybe the use of the numbers isn’t that important. I want everything to be side by side and this is the closest way of making that happen, though, in fact, the sections are following one another. I want the narrative to happen, like walking through a cloud. The endpapers are fragments of sculptural works by Donatello, mostly faces, that I had been planning to use for a single artist’s book. Sarah Anne Wallen used bits and pieces for each copy.” (LW)


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