31. “LORIMER STREET.” Boston, MA: Pressed Wafer, 2000. 8.5x11" 1 sheet. (P)
Laserjet, pale orange sheet printed on one side only, signed. This poem appears in a portfolio entitled Pressed Wafter Broadsides for John Wieners. “This collection of broadsides endows the first annual Pressed Wafer Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to John Wieners on April 8, 2000 in Boston.” Edited by William Corbett, Michael Gizzi and Joseph Torra. This broadside collection is in an edition of twenty-six lettered A-Z. Housed in pale yellow envelope; deep yellow paper over boards; pale green cloth shelfback; clear sticker affixed to front cover printed in black. Contributors include: John Ashbery; Paul Auster; Amiri Baraka; Edward Barrett; Jim Behrle; Bill Berkson; Daniel Bouchard; Clark Coolidge; William Corbett; Robert Creeley; Tim Davis; Edward Dorn; Robert Duncan; Jim Dunn; Kenward Elmslie; Elaine Equi; Larry Fagin; Michael Franco; Michael Friedman; Merrill Gilfillan; Peter Gizzi; Michael Gizzi; John Godfrey; Barbara Guest; Thom Gunn; Jim Harrison; Lee Harwood; Stratis Haviaras; Fanny Howe; Susan Howe; August Kleinzahler; Joanne Kyger; Gerrit Lansing; Frank Lima; Bernadette Mayer; Gail Mazur; Nathaniel Mackey; Askold Melnyczuk; Charles North; Ron Padgett; Michael Palmer; Andrew Schelling; Charles Simic; James Tate; Joseph Torra; Paul Violi; Lewis Warsh; Anne Waldman; Dara Wier; Elizabeth Willis; John Yau; Geoffrey Young. Poems later printed in book “The blind see only this world,” published by Press Wafer and Granary Books, 2000. Courtesy of The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.


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