17. “L’AMOUR FOU”. [New York, NY: self-published] 1981. 8½x11" 32 pages. (P)
Mimeo, side-stapled. Includes poems by Bernadette Mayer and Lewis Warsh (not a collaboration, nor are individual poems credited). Blue endpaper between cover and title page. Printed recto only. 75 copies published to celebrate the new year. Cover by Bernadette Mayer. 

“Bernadette and I put together this book on New Year’s Eve 1981 in our apartment at 172 East 4th Street. None of the poems are signed, but it’s not hard to tell who wrote what. Bernadette did the cover. I guess that’s supposed to be some representation of the way we looked. We printed the book in one night on the mimeograph machine in our living room. We were still both in culture shock from returning to the city with three young children after living in the country for five years and the next day we both read at the New Year’s Day benefit reading at The Poetry Project. It was Bernadette’s first year as director of The Poetry Project. We both read last, at three in the morning. We took the title of the book from Jacques Rivette’s amazing movie from 1969, L’Amour Fou.” (LW)


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