You Are Being Served A Warrant for a Section 187


Scanning this was an act of police brutality, literally breaking its back, in addition to incarcerating its aura in digital format, but for those interested here is the mug shot of the complete Copkiller #1.
For me the most interesting thing about the mag is not the notorious title, the simple production values, the Buk appearence or the nice selection of Blazek (including a prime spot on the spread), or the anti-authoritarian stance that shouts from every pages at every form of the Man.
No, for me what is fascinating and special about Copkiller is the list of contributors that includes their addresses.  There is Buk at 5124 Delongpre Ave, Nuttall at 6 York Street, Margaret Randell in Mexico.  Maybe I am romanticizing but I think this took balls.  Each author flips the bird at the literary and other police and then punctuates the statement by defiantly looking them square in the face and addressing them:  "Serve your warrants, send your dogs, you know where you can find me!"
This is spit in your face mimeo at its best.


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