Wild Dog

So saith Secret Location:  "In many respects - name, form, and content - Wild Dog boldly embodies much of what we identify as the 'mimeo revolution.'"  So why can copies of Wild Dog be obtained for as low as $15, while issues of Floating Bear get in the low hundreds and issues of Fuck You approach four figures?  The reason is because Wild Dog is severely undervalued.  This makes sense because Wild Dog is "the brain-child of Edward Dorn," and Dorn is likewise undervalued.

Wild Dog ran for 21 issues, quite a scamper for the old Dog.  And Wild Dog covered alot of ground by publishing writers from San Francisco to Black Mountain from headquarters in Pocatello, Idaho, Salt Lake City, and the City by the Bay.

Looking at the Dog now, there is still tread on the tires.  It looks great.  True mimeo, simple, ruggedly handsmore, tough.  Like Dorn.

Wild Dog is mentioned briefly on page 370 of Tom Clark's Edward Dorn, but you might miss it.  No index or footnotes, and guess what, it makes A World of Difference.  No index and no footnotes = piece of shit.

I am sure my esteemed co-editor will have more to say about Dorn's "biography."



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