7. DREAMING AS ONE. New York, NY: Corinth Books, 1971. 5½x7¾" 88 pages. (P)
Offset, smyth-sewn hardcover. Black and yellow dustjacket by Joe Brainard. Author photo by Jayne Nodland. This first edition of Dreaming as One consists of 2,000 copies; 1,500 paper and 500 cloth, of which 50 are numbered and signed by the poet and artist. The poems were set in Garamond type and Tempo Light was used for display. The book was printed by the Profile Press of New York. 

“This was my first full-length collection of poems. Ted Wilentz, publisher of Corinth, asked me for a book while I was living in Bolinas. I returned to New York for three months, October–December 1970, and we worked on it then. I was living on the top floor of Kenward Elmslie’s house on Greenwich Avenue, and Ted and his wife Joan, who designed the book, lived a few blocks away on Perry Street. Then I returned to California and continued to work on the book, adding more recent poems like ‘What I Learned This Year.’ The book contains poems from 1966–’71, and Joe Brainard did a bright yellow cover. The one poem I omitted was ‘The Suicide Rates’—it was time to move on. The book is dedicated to Anne Waldman.” (LW)


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