Leaping Back Into Scanning

I just got a new computer, which was incompatible with my old scanner. That little snafu is cleared up and the scanner is up and running. I have been meaning to provide some images from Kate Schaefer and Adam Davis's latest magazine offering: Divison Leap #3.

It would fit right in within the pages of Aaron's In Number's or Gwen Allen's book on artist magazines as alternative space. Go back to Dada and Futurism up through Berman (heavy on the Berman) and into conceptual and minimalist mags. As their catalog on Art Terrorism demonstrates, Kate and Adam are also know the song and dance of punk zines as well. They are not students of the history of the little magazine; they are teaching lessons and making their own history as well.

Besides the folder structure which holds the magazine together physically but also with its association to placement in archives, library, and file cabinets, the theme of the mag is simply the concept of place. The resulting artists take that theme and run with it to their own wide open fields of the imagination and/or dark, obsessional corners and closets. Maps, postcards, images of transportation. For a publication, with no staples or sewn wrappers, there are numerous threads that run through the entire project and hold together quite nicely.

Kate and Adam are on a fanastic run right now (More on their latest catalog soon). I can not wait to see what they come up with next.



Patricia Camacho said...
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Patricia Camacho said...

True, scanning helps a lot with photo or documents recovery, I'm personally a fan of collecting old pictures.

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