The Show Must Go On

After Auerhahn Press fell apart, Haselwood began printing under his own imprint, Dave Haselwood books. This broadside/catalogue features all three imprints: Auerhahn Press, Auerhahn Society and Dave Haselwood. Haselwood's HQ moved to 1403 Gough Street, which is a legendary address in San Francisco counterculture. Robert La Vigne lived here in the mid-1950s and it was here that Ginsberg saw a La Vigne painting of Peter Orlovsky and fell in love. Ginsberg soon moved in. From that point on, one writer/artist after another rested their weary little heads at 1403 Gough Street. Haselwood was there by at least 1963, along with Charles Plymell, who like Haselwood was from Kansas. Michael McClure (Kansas again) was there; Neal Cassady lived there with Anne Murphy. Ginsberg made this his crash pad once again upon his return from Japan and India in 1963. Beat Scene Press published Plymell's account of Neal and Anne's time there in Number 14 Kevin Ring's Pocket Book Series. Not sure if copies are still available.



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