A Night at the Theatre

I hope all you lovebirds are enjoying your Ghirardelli chocolates and sparkling wines from Napa and Sonoma. Remember the words of France: Love is not love/When it is mingled with regards that stand/Aloof from the entire point. Will you have her?/She is herself a dowry.

The program for a performance of King Lear by the San Francisco Actor's Workshop from 1961. Here we have an example of Auerhahn working hard for the money. So you better treat her right. Robert La Vigne did the costume and set design. A very nice write up on Big Bridge with images of the performance: http://www.bigbridge.org/issue6/rlscroll14.htm.

It is the advertisements that make this program: for Auerhahn, the Batman Gallery, and, yes, The Curtain Call ("where the fourth act begins"). I hope everybody had a drink at The Curtain Call tonight, and I leave you to your fifth and final acts??

But before I do, let's remember to tip our servers and that means a shout out to Jason Davis, who has been serving up some remarkable Auerhahn material. Thanks so much.



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