Hollywood Sucks

It is Oscar Time. That wonderful red carpet circle jerk that celebrates the easily digestible, the easily consumed. Wallace Berman did not win an Oscar for his role in Easy Rider nor for The Aleph. But Berman took in Hollywood's tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. From Dennis Hopper to Dean Stockwell to Russel Tamblyn, Berman took in all the Hollywood rejects, who eventually made good. Berman saw their true potential first. I have felt that it was a mistake that Semina Culture featured Toni Basil but not Teri Garr. Garr was definitely a part of the Circle. Like Hopper and Stockwell, Hollywood saw fit to take Garr behind the velvet rope. I don't think she gain much from the association. Garr walked away from Topanga Canyon and strolled down the red carpet. Hollywood gave Garr Mr. Mom, but Berman made her a superstar as evidenced by the incredible image above.



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