In February I Think

Here is a copy of Elio Schneeman's In February I Think published by Ted Berrigan under the C Press imprint in 1978 with assistance by Ron Padgett at the Poetry Project and Bob Rosenthal. Elio's father, George, did the front and back covers. Only 250 copies.

There is a sense of beginnings and youth with In February I Think as C Press began with a group of teenagers. Elio was around 17 or 18 when his C Press book came out which is about the age of Brainard, Gallup and Padgett in The White Dove Review days, which lead to Censored Review and then C A Journal of Poetry and C Press.

Yet Elio's book will always be associated with death and endings for me. In Secret Location, C Press is listed as running from 1963 to 1980, but I am blanking on just what Berrigan published with C Press after 1978. Steve Carey's The Lily of St. Mark's came out in 1978 as did Elio's thin, fragile book of poems. For me, In February I Think is the end of the road for C Press. Elio, so young here, would be dead before he reached 40; Berrigan held out a little bit longer than that. Elio's book and his life were like February much too short, but "filled with emotion" as Vincent Katz noted.


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