Cornish Pasty Pate with a Side of Haggis

In honor of the Roussel post today, I decided to cook some French onion soup for my wife's birthday. So here I am stirring up some soup, when the Clash's London Calling comes on my Pandora. Culture clash, what to do??

As a previous post proves, when I think food I think of Lee Harwood the editor. So I ran to my bookshelf and pulled down Night Scene Dada from London 1963, edited by Harwood and dedicated to Tristan Tzara. I turn to the first page and read Harwood translation of Tzara's "The Almost Perfect Man - An Extract," which opens "Who will free us from the encumbrance of possessions and flesh." Then I read the second poem "Way" and with Harwood translating Tzara I can hope that at least one "road that separates us," the cultural divide inspired by the Clash, has been bridged, but here I am being so fleshy, stuffing my gullet with bread and cheese.

Then I see on the title page that I happen to have the copy of legendary Scottish poet Edwin Morgan and things get a little more concrete but still with the flavor of haggis.



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