Thanks to Michael Cross for sending these books my way:
4 Poems by Charles Bernstein. Not quite a chapbook, but certainly an alternative book structure from Chax Press published in 1988 on the occasion of the author's reading in Tucson. Printed letterpress, the type is Garamond and the drawing (not pictured) is by Cynthia Miller. 36/125

Here's a book that's been missing from my Gregg Biglieri collection, until now. Profession is number seven in the  Idiom chapbook series. He's been one of my favorite writers since we met ten years ago, and his new book, Little Richard the Second, will not disappoint.
Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee's collaboration, The Occurrence of Tune, is in the Poems & Pictures exhibit I curated for Columbia College (February 9-April 12, 2012). Details are on the exhibition are here. You can download the whole book from Eclipse and learn more about Bee and Bernstein's collaborations here.
Tan Tien by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge was first published as a broadside for Woodland Pattern Book Center in 1984 in a 'bare handful of copies.' This attractive variation on a chapbook was published by Chax Press in conjunction with the author's reading at the 1988 Tucson Poetry Festival.



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