Mining for Gold

According to Philip Smith Bookseller, this issue of Floating Bear No. 20 came from the collection of Sir Joseph Gold. Who is Sir Joseph Gold and why is he getting Floating Bear? Cue up Google. Turns out Gold was the legal counsel and Director of the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund from 1960-1979. He was also quite a book collector, particularly of the work of Samuel Beckett. His Beckett collection of over 3000 items is at the University of Delaware. In addition to Beckett, Gold collected first editions of authors like Dylan Thomas, Ted Hughes, Ezra Pound and Harold Pinter. Think International Monetary Fund. Gold collected blue chippers but as his receipt of Floating Bear proves he was always on the lookout for a good penny stock that might jump in value. He must have seen Floating Bear as a way to keep abreast of the next big thing. A wise move as Floating Bear is now several hundred dollars an issue and the authors featured in its pages have become blue chip writers as well. Not a bad investment for a newsletter that was distributed free.

It should also be noted that Gold was a world renowned legal scholar on international monetary law. In this issue LeRoi Jones and Diane DiPrima announce their victory in their legal battles stemming from charges of obscenity in Issue #9, which featured controversial work by Jones and William Burroughs. So Floating Bear #20 must have really tickled Gold on both a literary and a legal level.



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