The Secret Location: Wish You Where Here

Recently, Adam Davis of Division Leap (Have you gotten on their email list yet? I got an email just this morning telling me they had some issues of Maps; a complete run of Thee Flat Bike, which I had never heard of; Pan, which had a cover illustration by Robert Smithson, which was interesting to me as I just read Monuments of the Passaic; and Cleveland Anthology) sent me an email inquiring about the postcard above. Adam wanted to know if the plays Koch listed, The Return of Yellowmay, The Revolt of the Giant Animals, and The Building of Florence, did indeed appear in C in the order Koch desired and if so what issue. Well, they did appear in that order in Issue 9 on pages 55-60 in the summer of 1964.

Adam emailed me because he knows I have a run of C, but let me remind everybody out there of a great resource that is perfect for requests of this type: Christopher Harter's An Author Index to Little Magazines of the Mimeograph Revolution. Harter indexed 114 American little magazines published from 1958 to 1980, and C naturally made the cut. I find myself pulling Harter's index from the shelf maybe once a week or so, and it really cuts down on the wear and tear of pulling out the mags.

That said, I also pulled Issue 9 to double check for Adam whether there was the possibility of a variant. No small possibility in the world of mimeo. In fact I am looking forward to flipping through C again in the next couple of days for another research request, but do not sleep on getting a copy of An Author Index. No doubt it is expensive at almost $140 but I have saved a lot of time in using it to say nothing of having a good time doing it.

By the way, check out these John Ashbery Postcard Collages: which were featured in an issue of The Sienese Shredder, another magazine I know nothing about but which looks really great.



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