Black Mountain Dossiers

I thought I had all the necessary Black Mountain secondary material, Katz, Harris, Duberman, that is until I stopped at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center in Asheville. The Museum is small, a single room, which during my visit featured a modest exhibition on Jack Tworkov. What was really exciting was being able to get my hands on all the great publications the Museum and Society has published since 1993. The Black Mountain Dossiers are a prime example. Each dossier provides a monograph on a single Black Mountain individual with tons of images. I picked up all eight currently published. The dossiers on Michael Rumaker and Ray Johnson are particularly meaty, but the others on lesser known figures, especially Black Mountain women like Susan Wiel or Gwendolyn Knight, were great finds as well.

I was happy to learn that there is now a Journal of Black Mountain College Studies,, which posted the first run of papers online. The Ray Johnson issue is password protected, but if the currently available material is any indictation it is probably worth becoming a member of the Society to get the password. The next issue of the Journal is due out in late summer.



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