Unlike Jed, I don't consider myself much of a collector, but there are a few authors and presses that I do collect because I feel that the work (not just the texts, but the work) needs to be read in its entirety. Ted Greenwald is one of them. Thanks to Miles Champion, publisher of Ted's collaboration with poet Michael Gottlieb for digging up a copy of  More Than All, published as Tongue to Boot #4 in 1999. 
Just in from Amsterdam, a nice copy of No Eating, with a beautiful cover by Alain Sadoc (click on the image for a closer look). Prose poem published as Blue Pig #10 in Paris and Massachusetts.
And a fine copy of You Go Through issued by Case Books in 1992.
Sorry for the short posts recently. We've been proofreading and designing Mimeo Mimeo #5 for your reading pleasure. Should be out late summer/early fall, with: Steve Clay on Robert Creeley's copy of Presences; Justin Katko on Holbrook Teter, Ed Dorn, Michael Myers' (and co.) Bean News; Stephanie Anderson on Alice Notley's Chicago; Michael Klausman on poetry LPs; Abel Debritto on Charles Bukowski and the small press in 1968; Lyn Hejinian on Tuumba and her collaborations with visual artists; a long-lost essay by Paul Blackburn on the mimeo scene; an interview with Larry Fagin on Adventures in Poetry (and more); James Sullivan on The Gallery Upstairs; Bill Stewart on Vamp &; Tramp; Alan Loney on the poet/typographer; cover by Buzz Spector.

-- KS 


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