The Last Typewriter

My friend Robert Bank send me an email informing me that the last typewriter factory in the world is closing its doors. Searching around on the internet, I am getting conflicting reports on whether this is true or not.

Apparently there is still a factory assembling typewriters in New Jersey.

What I found interesting about the article above was the current market for typewriters. Government agencies, the military, prisons, and other bureaucracies. There is a Foucaultian/Kafkian element to the remaining life of the typewriter that stands in stark contrast to the typewriters use during the Mimeo Revolution. These are the flipsides of survaillance. The use of the typewriter for the documentation and examination of self and surroundings expressed in the pages of mimeo appear to have died out, but the importance of filing out birth certificates, as we have seen recently, will live on seemingly forever.

As I mentioned before, the Mimeo Revolution began in the camps at Waldport, where the typewriter, the mimeograph, and the stencil were co-opted by prisoners like William Everson to be used towards freedom of speech and unfettered expressions of self. The mimeograph, the typewriter and the rapsheet of the spirit.



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