Ecolinguistics, edited by Jared Schickling in Farmington, Maine, has the jumpy (in a good way) feeling of a zine. Photocopied with boxy retro fonts, this issue includes work by Brenda Iijima, Joel Chace, Chuck Richardson, Micah Robbins (whose new book, Crass Songs of Sand and Brine, I read and enjoyed very much night before last), EJ McAdams, Steve Dalachinsky, Nicholas DeBoer, Caroline Knapp, Michael Basinski, Dot Devota, and many more. I don't think there's a website to take you to, but Michael Cross listed the email address ecolinguistics[at]hotmail{dot}com on his Disinhibitor Blog. 
Another fine issue of Gerry Mulligan has arrived! Editors Ben Tripp and Roger van Voorhees have done a bangup job with this issue (#3.0). If you missed out in the past, issue #0-2 are available upon request. GM does't have a website either, so you'll have to write tripp dot benjamin at gmail dot com for a copy. Includes particularly fine work by the editors, nine beautiful poems by Steve Carey, Peter Inman, plus new work by Pierre Joris, Kit Robinson, Valerie Snobeck, Jeffrey Perkins, Simon Pettet, and Christopher Sorrentino.
-- KS


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