Brian Cassidy Bookseller

My bad for not posting about Brian Cassidy' latest catalog earlier. I got a copy at the New York book fair. Brian had one of the two most interesting items I saw at the fair: Issue 12 of Jack Green's Newspaper. I have become obsessed with Newspaper, which really demonstrates mime as proto-blog. A tough mag to track down.

Why haven't I posted about him earlier? Well because he is a celebrity already. I know this because he was in the Washington Post. I kid because I love as a well-known dog used to say. Now try to take your eyes off of Brian for a second (I know it is hard) and focus on the three issues of Black Mountain Review by his left hand. For me, the Mimeo Revolution is really where Cassidy makes his mark. He always has great Mimeo Revolution stuff and much of it is very special indeed. Like Newspaper, like original artwork by Black Mountaineer Dan Rice, or like Frank O'Hara's copy of Locus Solus.

Check him out:



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