To the Tune of "Sweet Nuttall"

Jeff Nuttall's My Own Mag did not make Allen's list either. Nuttall was an artist as well as a writer and clearly Nuttall viewed My Own Mag as an alternative space for art. Mimeo did not get much respect in Allen's book. Fuck You made the cut. This is to be expected as Fuck You has become the one mimeo allowed past the velvet rope into the New York art scene probably on the strength of Warhol's Couch cover alone. Yet no C: A Journal of Poetry, despite its Warhol cover to say nothing of all the Joe Brainard art work. Brainard more than Warhol was an artist who saw the little magazine as a gallery for showing art. Yet no love was shown for C, and in fact C was misnamed by Allen when it was briefly mentioned. Of course no mention of levy or Nuttall. Wha??

This is because Allen's book was all about the magazine as alternative space, not outsider space. When you have $50,000 in seed money for a magazine you are not an outsider, nor really alternative; you are a New York insider and part of the art establishment.

BTW do you know how painstaking it is to create these images for My Own Mag above?



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