I bought this special issue of Sagetrieb (Volume 1 Number 3; Winter, 1982) devoted to Robert Creeley at Troubadour Books in Hadley, Massachusetts on my way to a 4th of July celebration in Vermont in the summer of 2009.  A little water damage, but perfectly readable—perfect for sitting by Lake Champlain, actually. According to their website, Sagetrieb began in ’82 as “A Journal Devoted to Poets in the Imagist/Objectivist Tradition.” In 2002, it changed its subtitle to “Poetry and Poetics After Modernism” to cast the net just a bit wider, I suppose. This issue says “A Journal Devoted to the Poets in the Pound-H.D.-Williams Tradition” which is even more specific than the Imagist/Objectivist tradition at large. At this time, George Oppen and Basil Bunting were senior editors, Carroll F. Terrell editor, and Burton Hatlen executive editor. Contributors include: Robert Creeley, Anne Waldman, Michael McLure, Cid Corman, Anselm Hollo, Burton Hatlen, Albert Cook, Robert Sheppard, Harald Mesch, Charles Bernstein, Jerry McGuire, George F. Butterick, Cynthis Dubin Edelberg, Jed Rasula, Michael Heller, Linda W. Wagner, and Timothy Murray.


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