Act Two - Work Song

For many people, if you were to play the soundtrack to the life and work of Detroit's John Sinclair, you would pop in a little MC5. That held true for me as well, until I got a hold of the mimeos of the Detroit Artists Workshop. Here is a complete run of the first incarnation of Work (apparently a sixth issue was published decades later). Reading through this mag, is sweet, sweet music. Jazz to be specific. Trumpter Charles Moore, a co-founder of the Artists Workshop, is on the first three covers. Work featured jazz reviews as well, but became more of a literay mag upon the publication of Change, a mimeo dedicated to avant garde jazz. Sinclair's mimeos are DIY at their best and their look and feel must have influenced punk and grunge zines, directly or indirectly.

For your listening pleasure, here are some sounds while you Work:


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