Sometimes it's hard to believe that by 1973, Robert Creeley was already 47. In the 1960s, people used to say "don't trust anyone over 30," but by 1956, Creeley was already too old to be trusted, and of course, way ahead of his time. Novik's Robert Creeley: An Inventory, 1945-70 is a terrific bibliography and yet it accounts for less than half of Creeley's life in print (25 out of 60 years of active publishing, to say nothing of all of the materials that have been published by and about the poet online and in print posthumously). Bibliographies are rarely complete, and certainly this one had nonesuch intentions, but fascinating nevertheless. It is a shame that there are no illustrations, tho still quite handy and easy to find (my copy was withdrawn from Sacramento Public Library and posted online for a quarter). Here's Creeley's forward, as it appears in the first edition.


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