As far as I know, this interview with Creeley published by The Niagara Magazine number nine in Fall 1978 hasn't been reproduced elsewhere. I hope I'm wrong, because it is one of the best of many, many interviews I've read by this poet. The magazine was published by Neil Baldwin at 195 Hicks Street in Brooklyn, with a cover photograph by none other than Gerard Malanga. William Navero wrote the preface, which is followed by an introduction by Kevin Power (Paris, December 1977) who conducted the interview with Creeley. The questions are quite well informed, usually about abstract expressionism and/or the nature of art vis a vis poetry. I have no idea how this conversation was recorded, and if or how it was edited, but it is tight. Not a word to spare, terse, and yet there's an incredible amount of information to savor in this slim chapbook/single-author magazine.


poltroon said...

This interview will be included in a new book by Kevin Power called POETS ON PAINTING forthcoming from Poltroon press this Spring

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