Little Caesar 9

A few years back I got a hold of a box of little mags and was lucky enough to find a copy of Dennis Cooper's Little Caesar. I was not lucky enough for that issue to be Issue 9, the Piero Heliczer issue, guest edited by Gerard Malanga, the most famous and most desirable issue of Little Caesar. But Issue 10 demonstrated well enough that Little Caesar was a major little mag, if elusive. The Heliczer issue is on another level. It is huge, weighing in at over 400 pages. As far as I know this is the definitive volume for those looking to get biographical and bibliographical information on Heliczer.

Unfortunately this issue has proven over time to be as difficult to get a grasp on as Heliczer himself. In fact, any issue of Little Caesar is hard to find. Forget it if you are looking for the early issues. It is a shame as Issue 10 was tantalizing and the Heliczer Issue, which I just got in the mail, looks like a major work of the Mimeo Revolution.



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