There is a Whole New World Out There

It was a nice surprise to receive a copy of James DenBoer's A Bibliography of the Published Work of Douglas Blazek (1961-2001) in the mail. Looking over Christopher Harter's Author Index to Little Magazines of the Mimeo Revolution, you realize that Blazek, like Bukowski, utilized little mags as the primary means to distribute his work. Yet Harter's Index give you no idea of the depth and breadth of Blazek's achievement. DenBoer's periodical section lists 1360 entries over a 40 year period.

What is great about the Blazek bibliography is that it lists tons of little mags that went under the radar of Clay and Phillips. Let's turn to page 68 and 69. Graffiti, The Goodly Co., Free Love Periodically, The Lit, Red Cedar Review, Voices International, Litmus, Mele, Road Apple Review, Analecta, Haravec, Wordjock. I know nothing about any of these magazines or newspapers. It drives home the point that the Mimeo Revolution was a massive shift in the history of publishing with thousands of publications.

The time is coming to dig deeper than Fuck You, Floating Bear, Kulchur, C, and Yugen. There is an entire section of Mimeo Revolution output that is completely unread and underappreciated. The study of this material could change what we currently understand to be the Mimeo Revolution considerably.

If any one out there has essays on these forgotten periodicals please contact me at I would love to consider them for Mimeo Mimeo.



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