The Identical Lunch

On Friday I plan on feasting on the Experimental Women in Flux exhibition at the MOMA organized by Sleelagh Bevan with David Senior. To make things even better Jan Herman, who published Alison Knowles's Journal of the Identical Lunch (1971) and Philip Corner's performance of Knowles score (1973) under the Nova Broadcast imprint, is going to take me through the exhibition.
The score: "A tunafish sandwich on wheat toast with lettuce and butter, no mayo, and a glass of buttermilk or a cup of soup."
The venue: Riss Food on 8th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street.
Herman published the Corner book while he was in Vermont working for Dick Higgins's Something Else Press. Graham Mackintosh did the printing. All the connections and associations in alternative publishing in this copy of The Identical Lunch give the reader quite a bit to chew on and digest. Mouth-watering, filling and nutritious. Feed your head.


Cloud9 said...

hey jed -- when you mentioned the philip corner score of Identical Lunch the other day, I drew a peculiar blank. right? now i see the cover here on Mimeo Mimeo, and boyng!! what is wrong w/ me? of course i published that thing, and what's more the photo on the cover is a photo i took. (i don't think there's any photo credit in the book. i say, "as i recall," cuz i don't think i have a copy, believe it or not. i hafta check. i remember being right proud of taking that photo, which graham doubtless chose for the design. he really designed is bee-yooo-tifully. -- jan

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