Salad Talk #1

The title page announces bellow/jones/mailer/goodman/krasner/burroughs/ginsberg/southern,fleming/warhol/miller/uncle ho/wolfe/zip. For the most part, they are nowhere to be found. Warhol is referenced on the cover with the S&H Green Stamp and Burroughs's Nova Express is reviewed on page 10.
Salad Talk, published by All-American City Super Extension in 1965 and edited by Zip Code, is full of bibliographic in-jokes. This is coterie publishing to be sure. Salad Talk appears to be a one-shot and should not be confused with Salad by Michael Vranich out of Detroit. Copies of Salad Talk were available at Peace Eye (along with Fuck You, We, C and Yeah) as well as City Lights and McCosh's in Minneapolis.
Tuli Kupferberg appears in Salad Talk and Yeah, one of Kupferberg's magazines (Birth was another), is promoted in its pages. Rest in peace Tuli.


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