"I don't give a pound of mule mucous..."

Press of the Black Flag Raised was run by Billy Little out of Cambridge (MA), New York, and Miami. This piece by Sander is #2 of a series. Others, that I could locate, include John Wieners's Asylum Poems (For My Father), Joel Oppenheimer's 17-18 April 1961, Robert Creeley's America, Chief Joseph's Surrender, D.H. Lawrence's Being Alive, the letter Captain Samuel Bellamy to Captain Beer, and Dan Murray's In Plain English.
Little claimed to be the illegitimate son of Paul Blackburn and Diane Wakoski, two pillars of the coffehouse scene in the Lower East Side in the 1960s, and truly Little was born out of that community. He was a Board Member on The Poetry Project in New York City early on and then went to SUNY at Buffalo from 1967-1970 studying with Creeley, Duncan, Barth, Fiedler and Jack Clarke. The influence of the literary scene of Buffalo was strong on Little. Wieners, Creeley, Sanders and Oppenheimer, all published by Little's press, had ties to the University.
In 1973, Little moved to Vancouver (another vibrant literary community with ties to Duncan, Creeley, Blaser and other New American Poets), took on the moniker "Zonko," and threw himself into the literary and anti-war scene there. Little died on Hornby Island in January 2009.
The work of Press of the Black Flag Raised highlights Little's life long involvement in building and being an integral part of literary and anti-war communities.
Thanks again to John DeCarolis for the image.


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