To Wit

When I went to school in London in the early 1990s, I would often pick up a copy of Viz, which was usually laying around the Student Union to check up on the continuing adventures of San and Tray, The Fat Slags (see I would also take a peek at Sid the Sexist and Johnny Fartpants. It was my attempt to fit in with British Prep School humor. I must admitt not one of my finer moments of political correctness. Viz was in decline in terms of readership by the time I was in London.
In a previous post, I mentioned Jeff Nuttall's My Own Mag as a forerunner of underground comics. Nuttall's tie to comix is even more clear in Knuckleduster Funnies, a "Viz for intellectuals" that ran for four issues in the mid-1980s. Photocopied by Robert Bank's Arrowspire Press, Nuttall (aka Lydia Hesse) was the editor responsible for contributions and distribution. See


Victor H. Marsillo said...

Do you own copies of Knuckleduster Funnies, or were these images taken from somewhere else?

Jed said...

I own these.

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