Lewis Warsh was kind enough to send me a copy of Vincent Katz's Vanitas 4, an issue devoted almost entirely to translation as well as visual art and a small section at the end on the '70s. The latter contains an interview with Charles Bernstein that focuses on his return to New York in the mid-seventies, Language's proximity to the Poetry Project and Second Generation New York School, and the story behind the Ear Inn reading series that he started with Ted Greenwald. Readers of this blog will no doubt appreciate Warsh's "Small Memoir Of The Seventies" which offers a glimpse into his history as an editor and publisher of Angel Hair (with Anne Waldman) and United Artists (with Bernadette Mayer) as well as one-shots such as Sugar Mountain and The Boston Eagle. As to publishing online, Warsh writes: "It excites me when I see a poem of mine in an online magazine, but it's a vague kind of excitement, as if I was involved in something that was happening far in the distance as opposed to close up, like what I imagine phone sex might be." There are also terrific contributions from Kit Robinson "A Magazine And A Series" and Michael Lally's "The 1970s" on the DC and NYC scenes.

You can order a copy at the Vanitas website:



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