Manroot and Acts

A friend of mine loaned me a copy of Manroot #10, published in the fall/winter of 1974. This issue dedicated to Spicer came after Caterpillar 12 but before Blaser’s Collected Books of Spicer. Manroot reprints Billy the Kid and Fifteen Propositions as well as several magazine appearances starting with Occident from the late 1940s to J and Open Space. The issue is bookended with essays on Spicer that were rather underwhelming. Spicer criticism in the early 1970s was primitive to say the least. The strength of Manroot is in collecting poems relating to Spicer, inspired by Spicer or by poets of Spicer’s circle.
Much tougher to get a hold of, but to my mind much more interesting is A Book of Correspondences for Jack Spicer ( Issue 6 of Acts: A Journal of New Writing). An archive of poems, letters, memoirs, lectures and essays on Spicer all corresponding to, with, about, on Spicer, Acts #6 is still a valuable resource on Spicer along the lines of Gizzi’s collection of lectures. Given the central importance of correspondence to Spicer’s work, a collected letters would seem to me to be a no-brainer. I am sure it is in the works. Until then, good luck finding a copy of Acts #6. It doesn’t seem to be all that common.


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