Lita Hornick's Night Flight features nine casual essays on some of my very favorite writers (Ted Berrigan, John Weiners, Jack Kerouac, David Antin, Joe Brainard, Helen Adam, John Giorno) and closes with "Twelve Paintings in My Collection." By 'casual' I don't mean frivolous, I just mean conversational, or as the author notes in her introduction, the essays speak to one another but are not driven by a single thesis. 

Hornick was the publisher and financier of the Kulchur Foundation, which was Kulture Books, and before that, Kulchur magazine. There's a short history of Kulchur in A Secret Location on the Lower East Side and the archives are at Columbia. If I were still in New York I'd be on the train right now to check it out. Correspondents include Charles Henri Ford, Amiri Baraka, Gerald Malanga, Ron Padgett, and Louis Zukofsky.

I found this mint hardcover copy at SPD, sort of off on its own. Although the publisher is listed at 888 Park Avenue, the book was printed in Montpelier on peculiar textured-glossy paper.  Kulchur Books also published titles by Lewis Warsh, Anne Waldman, Tony Towle, Sotere Torregian, Carter Ratcliff, Charles North, Lewis MacAdams, Susan Howe, Kenneth Koch, Larry Fagin, Kenward Elmslie, and Ted Greenwald. 
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