Don't Let the Sunshine In

Here is Rivoli Review No. 2, edited by Richard Duerden. In my experience it is the first issues or the last issues of a little mag run that are the scarcest. Mother, which ran for 10 issues, is a case in point. Issues 1 and 2 and 9 and 10 are the toughest to track down. Floating Bear 1 and 2 -tough. The last issue of Locus Solus - tough. From what I understand Semina 1 and 9 are a bitch to get your hands on.

Rivoli Review No. 2 is quite a bit tougher to get than the first issue and nearly impossible to get without fading. The odd size of the magazine does not help matters. Ira Cohen's Gnaoua is another magazine that always fades. As is Robin Blaser's Les Chimeres from Open Space. Gnaoua and Les Chimeres turn up with some regularity but the second issue of Rivoli Review threatens to fade away completely.


jadecar said...

Hey guys, cd you put up a pic of Ira Cohen's, Gnaoua. That is, if yr're so inclined and have any of the issues yrself...It's just that I've never had the opportunity to see one, let alone actually chase one down for myself. It wd be much appreciated.
All Best,

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