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I am fascinated by those mimeographers that attempt to go to the next level of book publication. Fuck You Press is probably my favorite of this type because the Fuck You book publications are mimeographed just like the magazine. C Press, Angel Hair, and Adventures in Poetry are some other examples. TISH attempted to make the jump, as detailed in Mimeo Mimeo #2, but fell victim, like many mimeo operations, to a lack of resources.

Stan Persky of Open Space also published books under the Open Space imprint. Like the magazines, the books featured writers of the Spicer circle. Although Open Space operated out of Gino and Carlo’s bar, the business address was 24 Allen Street, which was also the address for Graham Mackintosh’s White Rabbit Press. Mackintosh printed most (if not all) of the Open Space book publications.

During the recent snowstorm, I gathered together most of the Open Space books with the exception of one title, which I may get in the next couple of weeks. So for the foreseeable future, look forward to a run of Open Space books here at the Mimeo Mimeo blog. I plan on reading the books and posting on their bibliographic history with the help of the White Rabbit bibliography and Poet Be Like God.

So first up will be Robin Blaser’s The Moth Poem.
- JB


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