The cover of Robert Creeley's Contexts of Poetry: Interviews 1961-1971 (stain and all) features on of my favorite snapshots by Gerard Malanga. The book was designed by Zoe Brown (who edited Charles Olson at Berkeley) and published by Donald Allen's Four Seasons Foundation.

Some of the interviews in this collection are surprisingly short, while the colloquy with Linda Wagner takes place over fifty-five pages and three different cities. Creeley's later volume Tales Out of School was published in 1993 by the University of Michigan Press. It reproduces the interviews with John Sinclair & Robin Eichele, Linda Wagner, Lewis MacAdams, and Michael Andre that appeared in Contexts and adds an interview with Bill Spanos (the Spanos interview appeared earlier in the Spring/Fall issue of Boundary 2 in 1978  with totally bizarre spacing/punctuation that was happily corrected in Tales Out of School). Unfortunately, Tales Out of School drops meaningful conversations with David Ossman, Charles Tomlinson, Allen Ginsberg, Brendan O'Regan & Tony Allan, Douglas Flaherty & James Bradford and "The Writer's Situation." There must be other interviews with Creeley in journals as well as audio files that haven't been collected, and of course there's Brent Cunningham's wonderful interview from 1998 published by Hooke Press in 2007. Creeley was a great conversationalist; Contexts brings it all back.


michael said...

This is a great book, I bought my copy at Spoonbill for pretty cheap awhile back, and it appears to have been filched from the Naropa Institute at some point, as it still has the library check-out card in the back. Signed out by Allen Ginsberg on July 1, 1983, then re-checked out by him again July 10, 1983. Possibly never returned by a David Ellis, who has the final check-out on Dec 8, 1984. Maybe now that I live near Boulder I should return it...

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