Dear Ferlinghetti

Dear Ferlinghetti published as a broadside by White Rabbit in 1964.  An incredible piece of ephemera from White Rabbit that demonstrates Spicer's intimate relationship with print.  Items such as this are tough to capture in Collecteds and bring up important issues as to whether a Collected can convey the full range of Spicer's work.  Given Spicer's attitude towards the English Department, was the university press the best outlet for his collected works?  Was Black Sparrow more appropriate to say nothing of Manroot 10 or Caterpillar 12?  In fact, can a Collected do justice to Spicer's books from After Lorca onward?  These are complex issues for a writer like Spicer?

I hope to post the complete first printing of Billy the Kid to let readers of Mimeo Mimeo get a sense of the power of a first printing Spicer book and get a conversation started about such issues.



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