You'll Wind Up Kicking Yourself

...if you don't pick up Ted Berrigan, a collaboration between poet Bill Berkson and painter George Schneeman that pays homage to their mutual friend, published by Cuneiform Press.

In honor of Cuneiform's most recent effort, I post a collaboration from Berrigan and Schneeman printed in Mother No. 8 in 1967. This is the last paper issue as Issues 9 and 10 were LPs. Fuck You, C, and Floating Bear steal the headlines, but Mother was on the frontlines of the Mimeo Revolution even if it was not featured in Phillips and Clay's Secret Location on the Lower East Side. The contents are top notch as are the visuals.
As an added bonus, I include Robert Creeley's "The Family," the last poem in Mother No. 8, as a nod to Kyle's "The Family," published in Richard Owen's Damn the Caesars.


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