United Artists

To shift sports, Harris Schiff wrote Yo-Yo's With Money, a running commentary on a New York Yankees baseball game, with Ted Berrigan.  Yo-Yo's was published by United Artists in an edition of 500 copies in 1979.  I do not have a copy of Yo-Yo's but I do have a complete run of United Artists Magazine.  Bernadette Mayer and Lewis Warsh edited United Artists for 18 issues starting in 1977.  Here is the first issue.  Issue One of United Artists is a mirror image of the first issue of C A Journal of Poetry.  Berrigan cast a long shadow over all subsequent New York School magazines published in the wake of C, no matter if the magazines were issued out of New York, Massachusetts, or Bolinas.  Berrigan's influence seemingly knew no bounds.



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