Time of the Season

In the shift from Better Books to Indica in late 1965/early 1966, captured in the person of Barry Miles, a couple publications captured the time of the season as it were.  These publications grew out of the Albert Hall Reading of June 11, 1965, the idea of which was born at Better Books. That reading showed the market potential of the underground and thus spawned Indica.  Darazt, Lee Harwood's Tzarad spelled backward, and Long Hair were born in the transition between these bookstores.  Long Hair is a little magazine which only ran for one issue (correct me if I am wrong).  Darazt is a little harder to characterize.  Part mag, part anthology, it contains a cut-up by Burroughs, some art nudes by Hoppy Hopkins, some collages by Miles and Cable Street by Lee Harwood.  Printed in a pamphlet style, there were 500 numbered copies.  Both Long Hair and Darazt were issued by Lovebooks, a literary company started by Miles and Hopkins.  Lovebooks also published The Long Hair Times which was a dry run for International Times, the long running underground newspaper.



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